Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Candy Corn, colored leaves, and cool weather snuggles...yep, Fall is my favorite season!

Listen, dear friends, if you have embraced Fall and you are fully on board with sweaters and leggings, all things pumpkin spice, some fun Fall decorations on your porch, and finally enjoying the great outdoors (after a HOT summer), then you are most definitely my people!πŸ’“  Also, extra points if you like candy corn (specifically Brach's Autumn Mix)!!

Ok, ok!! On to September's fun sessions!  

🍁My sweet friend, Rachel, called me and said "My Dad needs headshots fast!!" Got it done and he was a champ!🍁 Jennifer's extended family session made my Momma heart VERY squishy with memories of my own two when they were little! 🍁Annette set the bar for "ideal client" with her outfit selections and fun props for her branding shoot! (Also, I got to keep the flowers!!) 🍁Erin's family, and their love for their sweet 17 year old cat, Dexter, left me knowing that I was always meant to do Journey's End sessions.🍁Photographing the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Columbia golf tournament, for second year, showed me, once again, how much love, grace, and charity there is right here in Columbia. 🍁I really enjoyed getting to know Jonathan at his headshot session!  His images were some of my favorites this month.🍁Gotta keep my last session for September under wraps just a little longer - you'll see it in November's blog after the 2023 Columbia Debutante Ball!                  

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Bring on Fall!! I'm definitely here for it!!

I am, most definitely, channeling fall!πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚August, you nearly melted me and now we can't be friends anymore.😏 I'm sure I'll be over it by next year, but for now...bring on the pumpkins, cooler temps, shorter days (yes, I said it) and cozy sweaters!

So, I've been down this road before of "to blog or not to blog"...and I keep asking myself "Janice, why in the world are you still carrying on this blogging business when practically no one is reading it?".  Well, for starters, I'm just stubborn.  I set out to create a once a month blog for 2023 (after not blogging for a couple of years) and I'm not backing down now. And then there is the part of me that loves choosing my favorite images from each session.  Even though I post a sneak peek, I get to choose additional images for the individual collages and it just makes me happy.  Okie doke, all done here. 

Well, go on...scroll through, you know you want to see my faves!😊 

Rabi Erik Uriarte from Tree of Life Congregation. Such an interesting fellow who let me ask ALL the questions and so gracefully corrected my terminology!  

Mrs. Guerry turns 99!  One of my favorite people (and a Decade Project participant) had a wonderful party to celebrate her birthday, surrounded by her adoring family!πŸ’— 

From time to time, I have a client that brings a collection of outfits and I like them ALL!!  Cortney arrived in the yellow dress and she absolutely wowed me!  She is as bright and sunny as that gorgeous dress and I enjoyed every minute I spent with this Realtor from Coldwell Banker.

I've been photographing pets and their owners for Journey's End sessions for about 2 years now and every single one of them hits me right hereπŸ’“, but none more so than Meghan and Diesel.  Knowing that I was there in their last few hours together, and that the images I created for her would likely be the last ones they would have together - well, let's just say, I was humbled and honored to be there. 

Monday, August 7, 2023

July was "Elementary, my dear Watson"


I'm always looking for my next fun (just for me!) creative photography project.  With the long, hot summer looming ahead, the idea of doing an air conditioned studio project was OH SO attractive and, with my very own Sherlock, and Pirate, right under my nose...well, look no more!   Believe it or not, we already owned ALL the things for these two looks (and you thought you knew the Sanfords!!), so all it took was a tiny bit of coercion to get my husband to model for me.  Read that as me saying to him "This will be fun and then we'll go get lunch!!" He's so cute!!

I did get to have some very fun days outside in July with two beautiful families, and headshots on a couple of very humid days where the guys looked cool as cucumbers and their photographer was having a meltdown.🀣  

You know how much I love my Senior Models and July brought my first Senior session with Mykiah, my Senior Model for 2024.  She was so fun and relaxed, and I can't wait for our fall shoot.  I think you'll get to see the yellow bicycle again!!

I finished the month, in Florida, with my absolute favorite personal trainer, who you might also know as my daughter, Halie. She's a personal trainer and nutrition coach - coaching both in person and virtually!

Enjoy the rest of your summer, friends.  I've got some fun shoots lined up for August that I already can't wait to share!😊

I know I'm a little biased but I think he just makes THE BEST Sherlock Holmes!!😍

This guy!!  He just WOWs me!  I still can't believe he agreed to do this for me!πŸ˜‰

This sweet family, with their darling toddler and cute fur baby...oh my goodness!  So excited for all the excitement coming their way!πŸ’™

Need some painting done around the house?  Call Lawrence with Wow 1 Day Painting!  He's the go-to guy in Columbia for all your painting needs.  You can find him @

How cute is this family?!!  I mean, honestly!!  With the curls, and the giggles, and the adorable sleepy baby.  Just give me all the families with littles!πŸ’–

Ready for new window treatments that actually look great in your home AND make your life easier?  Robert is the guy to call with Budget Blinds of Forest Lake.  

I'm so excited to work with Mykiah this school year as my 2024 Senior Model!  We've already got plans in motion for a cute shoot in the fall, followed by more, more, more!!

When my daughter, Halie, said "I was thinking about doing some new headshots when you come to visit in July"...well, say no more. This momma was on it, and we shot these in her new home gym!πŸ˜€ Halie is based in Jacksonville, FL, and trains clients in her gym and virtually.  Still looking for a trainer who is the right fit for you?  Reach out to Halie for a consult!  You can find her @  She really is as cool as she looks, even if she is my kid!😎

Friday, July 7, 2023

June buggin' it in Headshot land!


Summer is here, friends!!  Kids are out of school, families are on the vacay, and it's headshot season!  I have to remind myself every year to embrace every minute of summer because fall and Family Portrait season (my absolute fave!) will be here before we know it! I've already chosen my Mini's dates for this year but I'll save those until a little later - enjoy summer for now, friends...I've got you!πŸ“Έ

Many thanks to the folks at Capital Office Products, Parker Law, Cassell Brothers Heating and Cooling, and The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Columbia, for trusting me to capture their personalities!

Additionally, yours truly, found her way in front of the camera again. My confidence lies BEHIND the camera, but by being on the other side, it's a good reminder of how my client's feel when they step in front of my lens.  Giving myself direction in my own head is also quite hilarious!!πŸ˜† Maybe next time I'll film that for laughs as well!!

I've got some really fun sessions coming up for this space for July. Read that as "Really adorable kiddos!" Can't wait to see you then!!

Capital Office Products is Columbia's go-to partner for copiers.

Attorney Greg Parker and his team are available for all of your Estate Planning needs.

Face it, you're impressed by this photographed logo!πŸ˜…  I had a blast with these fine folks, VERY early (for me) on a Thursday morning! I photographed nineteen smiling faces and look forward to the next installment.  Cassell Brothers Heating and Cooling - keeping the Midlands warm and cool since 2008.

I have so much love for the Ronald McDonald House and I'm always ready to say "YES!" when Beth calls with an opportunity to photograph for them. Also, do they have the cutest house pup, or what?!!!

I shot these right before the temperature climbed to approximately 11,000 degrees here in Columbia!🌞  This is the last time I'll look cool until October!😎

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Mayday Mayday - I'm 5 for 5!


May was an absolute BLAST! These cool clients of mine have me happy dancing all the time.πŸ’ƒ 
πŸŽ“May was filled with excited graduates, with stars in their eyes.  May we all have that kind of enthusiasm for life! 

πŸ‘ͺI was lucky enough to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon photographing some of the wonderful employees, and their families, at Still Hopes.  

πŸ’‘Friendship is priceless! I asked sweet friends from my BNI chapter to model for me, for a feature presentation demo, and they said, YES...well it just doesn't get any better than that!!  Still indebted to these two!

🏠Not one, but two fantastic Real Estate duos trusted me to capture their personalities with some updated headshots and some fun content for social media. 

πŸ‘ΆAnd finally, I'm so thankful to have clients that allow me to follow their journey to parenthood through pregnancy announcements, maternity, and finally with a newborn session.  

Yep, it's a charmed life and I don't take it lightly.πŸ’“
My last session with my sweet Class of 2023 Senior Model, Cameron.  She's headed to William and Mary this fall and I'm so excited for her!
Hannah Frances is headed to Wofford in the Fall. Congratulations on making their Dance Team!!
Congrats to Maddy on her acceptance to the College of Charleston!
Families always steal my heart!
Jennifer and Paul are ROCKSTAR friends! 
Frank and Wanda are embarking on a new chapter in their professional lives.  Best of luck to this new Real Estate duo!
Rebecca and Cali - a Coldwell Banker dynamic duo!
You know I'm always up for any family pictures that include babies and dogs!πŸ‘ΆπŸΆ Congratulations, Stevens Family, on your darling new addition. πŸ’™

Monday, May 8, 2023

Oh April, you and I had some BIG fun!!

 Ok, ok!!  I did manage to get SOME work done in April, but oh my goodness did I enjoy some serious photographer play time!  Danny and I went on an EPIC adventure for our 10th anniversary, but before that happened I got to celebrate with an upcoming HS grad and a new USC School of Nursing grad!!πŸ˜€  Yep, I get to photograph happy, joyful, smiling people...and this is my JOB!  

My oldest daughter, Erin, got married in April and I jumped at the chance to fly up to OHIO, a few weeks before the wedding, and photograph her Bridal portraits. We facetimed her sister, Halie, during the shoot and once again, thanks to technology...we were all together on a special day.😍  Three days after Erin's wedding, Danny and I headed to Europe for our fabulous adventure and let me just say, it gets 5 full stars!!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Congrats to Alex as he graduates from HS and heads to USC in the fall!
Meet Lauren, a new USC School of Nursing grad!  Fun fact: I photographed Lauren when she graduated from HS.πŸ˜€ When she reached out to me, I couldn't believe four years had already flown by!!
Sharing this day with my daughter, Erin, will  forever hold a special place in my heart.πŸ’• 
Also, I did assure her wedding photographer that on wedding day I would be firmly ensconced in my roll as MOB!  Not once did I see Caitie give me the side eye, so I think I did it! There was no backseat photographer driving going on here!😍
Our adventure included Switzerland, France, Germany, and we ended our journey in The Netherlands at the Tulip Festival.  AMAZING!!

Monday, April 10, 2023

Here's looking at you...March!

Spring is my absolute favorite season!  I love the colors of spring - seeing them and wearing them.  (You could count the number of black garments I own, on one hand!)  I'm always excited about warmer weather and to watch the world come alive again.  With each new season, I feel a new energy and I'm excited about what I can create this time around.  March was full of it's own new beginnings - a sweet new baby boy for the Parker family, Reece's gorgeous baby bump, and the new family that was created with the marriage of Laura and Aubrey.

As there is a beginning for everyone, there is also an end - even if it's not here yet.  Every time someone asks me to shoot a Journey's End session for them, it's because they know change is coming, and to be able to capture something that they can hold onto forever, is an honor.  These two sweet 15 year old pups that I had the privilege of photographing in March are - oh so loved.πŸ’“πŸΆ  

Because of our mild temperatures here in SC, photographers really get to work outside nearly year-round, and after a drab winter it's so fun to take advantage of our beautiful State House grounds for a headshot session.  If you need an insurance check-up for your home and auto - Nick Raso, with Relation Insurance, if your guy!

Last but not least, I spent a fun evening at the Ronald McDonald House Charities Gala.  The work this organization does, continues to amaze me.  It was an honor to be able to give my time during this fabulous night, hosted by Beth Lowrie and her incredible team!